Testimonials - BB 3D Ultrasound Studio

I am 30 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child. I've used the Beautiful Beginnings Motherhood Center services twice so far in my pregnancy. The facility is absolutely amazing, comfortable clean and spacious, the technology which  is new state of the art equipment, enables you to see images of your unborn child unlike any seen during a routine OB Visit or Hospital growth Ultrasound. I happily recommend Beautiful Beginnings Motherhood Center to anyone who is expecting. It is a truly amazing experience. The staff is very knowledgeable and caring, and they set the tone for a relaxing and comfortable experience that allows you and your family a very detailed look at your new baby.
Marissa D. Barile-Graf - April 4th, 2010


My experience was truly wonderful and pleasant. I was nervous that we would not be able to see the baby face since I was in my 37th week and the placenta was covering the baby's face but the staff worked with us and assured us that in the first 5 minutes that would be able to tell so that we could re-schedule. We didn't have to and we had a great time watching the baby move around. We asked not to know the sex and they were very accommodating. It was fun and I had a smile on face the entire time ...the staff was also into it and it made it more initiate and personal. I didn't feel rushed, was comfortable, and they were very friendly which made the experience that much better. It was truly amazing and I strongly recommend that it be done. I have my CD to show my baby girl!
Leida Bosque – April 9th 2010



I just wanted to thank you guys for the wonderful experience I had there. My husband and I loved it. It put a huge smile on my face after a very long and rough day. I will see you soon because we want more pictures. Thank you for the wonderful time and letting me know that I’m having a BABY GIRL!
Jessica Lopez – April 12th 2010


As any expectant mother is- I was very excited to see my baby and find out if my daughter was getting a brother or a sister! We made our appointment at BB! We showed up and we were ushered in almost immediately. Myself, my Husband, Daughter and two close friends sat down and chatted with the tech. She was a sweetheart. We can't wait to go back! Loved every minute of our visit! Thank you!

Leah Fors - January 25th 2012